Why is it important to consume seasonal food?

Why is it important to consume seasonal food?

At home, we were always taught that it is better to eat seasonal foods, and there are many reasons for this, for example:

·      They make for a healthy body. They are freshly harvested, and therefore have more flavour and a higher nutrient content. They are harvested at their optimal ripening point to respect their natural process and not force them to ripen prematurely.

·      The natural production cycle is respected. This is why they are more environmentally friendly, as no chemicals need to be used to change the cycle.

·      They help the development of local trade because they are local and regional products and there is no need to import them from other countries, thus benefiting our farmers.

·      They help to improve our economy. Products from our region reduce the transport chain and the related costs. Therefore, our products are cheaper because they come from our fields and go directly to the shops, which reduces the price.

How do you recognise seasonal fruit and vegetables?

There are calendars that tell us which fruits and vegetables we can eat each month.





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