Ramallet tomato

Ramallet tomato

The Ramallet tomato is an autochthonous tomato variety from Mallorca, appreciated for two very important characteristics: its long shelf life (it is kept fresh from one year to the next) and for its dry-field cultivation.

This tomato variety has been grown by our grandparents since the beginning of the 20th century. In our company, it was Pep Mestre who started to grow it in the farms of Ariany and Santa Eulalia in the nineties due to popular demand. In 1996 he collaborated with "Semillas Fito" and produced hybrid tomatoes in Almeria, where 3 hectares are planted.

Today there are 2 hectares in greenhouses and 30 hectares outdoors on the Ariany and Santa Eulalia farms with an annual production of 800,000 kilos.

The Ramallet tomato is the star product of our plantations. Studies have been carried out on it because, unlike other tomato varieties, it requires very little water and keeps for months without losing its organoleptic properties.

A team of researchers from the Biology Group of the UIB (University of the Balearic Islands) and the company Agroilla are taking part in a European project aimed at improving tomato crops and reducing the environmental impact of agricultural activity. They have planted 5,000 tomato plants of 250 varieties from all over the world in an experimental farm in Ariany as part of the European project TOMRES. The overall aim of the TOMRES project is to maximise tomato resilience to limiting factors such as water pressure and nutrients.

There have also been exhibitions and workshops in the supermarkets of the companies Eroski and El Corte Inglés, where people have been able to taste this variety and also learn how to string theses tomatoes.

The tomato was also presented at the international fresh fruit fair, Fruit Logistica in Berlin.

We also export and distribute the tomato on the Iberian Peninsula, where it has a great acceptance among consumers.

In Mallorca, this tomato is very typical. Our grandparents used to produce it by saving the best seeds for their long shelf life and then storing the tomatoes hanging on strings. In our company, the tradition continues, because on the Ariany farm, the tomato braids are braided by hand, just like in the old days.

In Mallorca, we sow it in February to harvest it from May to November, and in Almeria it is sown in August and harvested from December to May to meet our customers' needs.

The Ramallet tomato is characterised by its low water content and its high mineral and acid content. Its texture is fleshy, juicy and consistent. Its taste is sweet and sour, which makes it unique.

In the Balearic Islands, it is used for "sofritos" (sauce made with onions and tomatoes sautéed in oil to season dishes), stews, "coques" (savoury pastries) and especially for "pa amb oli" (bread with olive oil). The bread with olive oil is a typical dish of the islands where we grate the tomato on the bread and add a little salt and oil. It is a simple but delicious dish.

In short, in our company we are committed to continue working to promote the development and production of Ramallet tomatoes so that they continue to be part of our cuisine.

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