Botifarra sausage Approx. 800 g

Botifarra sausage Approx. 800 g

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Botifarra sausage Approx. 800 g

Tasty and top quality botifarra sausage, so that you can enjoy your dishes to the full. Cooked sausage with an elongated shape, stuffed in ox casing, sewn at the top and at the ends and tied with jute thread. Greyish in colour. It is a sausage that can be eaten without any culinary process or grilled.                       


Lean pork and pork fat, pork tongues, salt, pepper. Natural casing of ox muleta.                    

Approximate weight: 800 g.

Origin: Mallorca, Spain.

Data sheet

Nutritional information
Average value per 100 g of product
30,30 g
Of which saturated
12,00 g
0,28 g
Of which sugars
0,00 g
20,60 g
2,70 g
Product type
Cold meats
Local product km/0
Local product km/0